About Dhyani Dave

Introducing Dhyani Dave, a trailblazing Woman International Master and the first from Gujarat. Her chess journey began at age 6, sparking a passion that propelled her to extraordinary heights.

She has not only carved her name in the annals of chess history but has also created a Limca Book of Record by engaging in simultaneous chess matches against 150 players. This remarkable feat was specially organized by then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, now Prime Minister of India.

Furthermore, Dhyani has been recognized as one of the top woman achievers of India, receiving this prestigious honor from the late President Shree Pranab Mukherjee.

Notably, Dhyani's exceptional talent has caught the attention of Bollywood celebrity Aamir Khan, who regularly invited her to his residence for thrilling games of chess, showcasing her prowess beyond the chessboard.

Key Achievements

India's Record Holder

Dhyani made history as Gujarat's first Woman International Master, inspiring future chess champions in the region. She is also among a select few in the country certified as a FIDE Instructor by the World Chess Federation.

Limca Book of Record Holder

Dhyani secured her place in the Limca Book of Records by engaging in simultaneous chess matches against 150 players, a remarkable feat organized by then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, now Prime Minister of India.

Early Triumphs

With gold medals in Asian under 14 girls and Commonwealth under 16 girls, and silver medals in Asian under 10 girls and Commonwealth under 12 girls, Dhyani achieved historic milestones for Gujarat at a young age.

International Recognition

Representing India globally, Dhyani achieved a remarkable 7th position at the World Chess Championship at age 7, showcasing her exceptional talent on the international stage.

Unmatched Experience

With a wealth of experience from 33 International, 31 National, and 55 State Level Tournaments, Dhyani has left an indelible mark in the chess world.

Global Recognition

Dhyani's outstanding achievements earned her international acclaim, including a special article in Spanish newspapers by the Spanish media, further cementing her legacy as a global chess icon.